Managers and their role in organization :

Managers and their role in organization

Managers and their role in organization :

Managers and their role in organization

Managers and their role in organization :

Any person who controls all the activities of the business concern is called the manager of the organization. In the organization any head of the department is also known as the manager of his department. For example in the organization, there is production manager, sales manager and finance manager.

Managers and their role in organization :

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Managers can be classified on the following two bases.

A. Levels of Management.

B. Areas of Management.

Managers and their role in organization :


Keeping in view the level managers can be divided in to three categories:

1. Top Level Managers:-

Chief executive, Chairman, Directors, Managing directors, General Managers type people are included in the top level managers. They control the overall business of the organization. They are responsible to determine the objectives of the firm. They also formulate the policies to achieve these objectives. We may also call them upper level executives.

2. Middle Level Management:-

These are departmental heads in the organization. These are named finance managers and personal managers. They implement policies of the top level managers. They coordinate and supervise the activities of the low level managers.

3. Low Level Management:-

These are commonly known as supervisors, foremen and shift in-charge. These coordinate and supervise the activities of employees working in the firm. They solve the daily problems and motivate the workers to improve the quality of the product.

image Managers and their role in organization
We can explain the level of management by the following chart:


There are different kinds of managers on the basis of areas. These managers can be divided according their duties which they perform. Every manager performs the duties according to his area of specialization.

1. Finance Managers:-

All the financial activities of the organization are controlled by the finance manager. They are expert in mobilizing the resources of the firm. They are specialist to maintain the books of account and investment. They also know about the legal procedure of borrowing and lending. In this regard they complete all the legal documents to deal with the banks.

2. General Managers:-

These are also called administrative managers. They provide over all control on firm. They are not associated with any specific area. The managers relating to their specialized areas are controlled by the general managers. They coordinate the activities of all the managers of specialized areas. General Manager may call the captain of the ship. He provides guidance to the heads of various departments.

3. Operative Managers:-

Those managers who control the production process are called managers operation. They manage the system to convert the resources into goods and services normally they are engineers.

4. Personnal Managers:-

These managers are engaged with human resource programs. They design the system to hire train to evaluate the performance of employees. They also ensure that organization follows the rules and regulations of the Govt. relating to employees rights.

5. Marketing Managers:-

These managers control the sale of the organization. They are expert in marketing research, advertising, distribution and sales promotion. These people play very important role for the organization because they create and increase the demand of the product.

This is common framework of Manager’s Role as per their position in the organisation

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