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Referral Sales
Written by Sunil Shrivastava

Written by Sunil Shrivastava :

2020 is rolling its sleeves for the upcoming charms of the year, clearly it states in all phases of our personal and professional life. Now coming on our favorite topic i.e. Sales, we today discuss on how to get referral sales/Referral Exchange.

Referral sales Generation:

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Referrals are no doubt precious way to lure customers, however it takes good amount of understanding to practice it, and no doubt many struggles to generate lead consistently.

In conventional Sales, referral is believed to come from colleagues, associates, and friends but now thing’s for sure has been changed. Now you can see referral as a mode of sales alone. You will find several websites who are making money on referral sales model.

Example Referral sales: Propeller Ads – You can register here as publisher and monetize your website, besides this for providing any referral you will get additional benefit.

According to Forrester Research, 71 percent of online shoppers read reviews before buying. Other studies also show that customers also say that referrals are of the utmost importance in determining who they buy from and what they buy.

While most sellers recognize the facility of referrals, they do not skills to tap into their networks to proactively generate sales referrals.

Referrals bonding begin with your first touch point of sales and move throughout the entire selling and serving process. Referrals build a seller’s trustworthiness and credibility—two cornerstones of effective selling.

As a marketer for proper referral management, you should take care of these points:

  • Customer positive Interaction & their feedback
  • Customer problem solution and proper care to their feedback.
  • Customer query handling and proper closure.
  • Their positive final feedback about your product.

You have to be guiding these questions and ensure positive feedback arises about all of them. Ensure trust and brand credibility should be formed and deep root inside customer mind which induce them for all modes of referral.

Keep in mind the importance of word of mouth as you focus on making the buying process effective and enjoyable – before, during, and even after the sale.

If the customer is pleased with how they have been treated and served, and with the value they’ve received, they certainly will be more willing to attach their name to you and your solution. They will be proud to be seen as the influencer in guiding others decision making process.

Example: Apple – You will always see enthusiasm of apple users to convert other mobile buyers to their brand. They are not paid for this but it is their association with this brand and the equity value they are enjoying help them to become a word of mouth endorser for this brand.

To make referral marketing a proactive part of your lead generation activities, you need to actually be referable. Ensure that you deliver what you promise, when you promise. Your clients need to be able to speak to the value you provide.

Sales referral process is ever growing process you should always check for your consistency with your promises and proper management of customer query and their reviews, so that you’re not left scrambling when the pipeline stops flowing.

Now it is profound matter to know how to generate more referral:

  • Most trivial strategy is to give commission for sales referral.
  • Create content and induce readers to refer your products
  • Create Social media profile on all famous platforms, Share testimonial and reviews of your customers on it.
  • Make good database of current clients and inform them about new products and services. Give them option to refer your products in their neighborhood.
  • Add a link on your website for referral submissions.
  • Generate confidence in Customers and provide them positive information about your brand. Declare it that you actually count on them and focus on building trust from both sides.

Be honest in taking customer referral, they should proactively engage into it beside alluring much to get in to this process. Genuine reviews only gather positive referral else it will not connect with your end consumer.

Online tools allow you to automatically follow up customer transactions through your website with an e-mail directing them to a survey on your website. After the transaction in some days, ask them for product review.

While it is ok to provide some incentive like coupons and discounts for review generation but it should be used wisely for honest review generation.

How to Get Referral Sales / Referrals exchange management:

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